Way Gone Laser Tattoo Removal

Hawaii’s Laser Tattoo Removal Service

Hawaii’s Laser Tattoo Removal Service

With the rising popularity of tattoos, there is also a significant rise of people who wish to have their tattoos removed or altered. Whether it’s from an impulsive decision, or simply the tattoo is just no longer relevant in their lives today, laser tattoo removal may be an option. There are also many people who are seeking to cover up or change an unwanted tattoo with something new.

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We can significantly improve and help facilitate cover-ups or changes by providing a few treatments to lighten or partially remove the tattoo or go “Way Gone” for complete tattoo removal. It is also understood that many people who desire tattoo removal never follow through with their treatment due to several concerns. Over priced treatments, under-served options, effectiveness or side effects are all important factors. 

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Tattoos in the Workplace

A large number of people have tattoos in the United States of America. Some regions of our country are more tattooed (and liberally minded) than others. Where you plan to work in the country is going to have a huge affect on how much anxiety you should have over your tattoos and that job. This is born out of culture and long held mythologies we wont get into. It’s the same with employers and industry and how they feel about tattoos. You can’t blame these industries or employers, they are just doing what they feel is right for their businesses within a given culture.

Tattoos in the Military

The military is downsizing & wars are winding down. Two huge signals that more discipline is on the way for our nations soldiers. Discipline in regards to appearance is already being felt in the ranks and especially new recruits. The US Army has already began to make its changes official with proposals to change the Uniforms and Insignia regulations. Download AR670-1 PDF. Some of the biggest changes are in regards to soldiers who have tattoos. Way Gone Laser Tattoo Removal which offers military discounts on tattoo removal was recently featured on local television here in Hawaii (watch below). See the Army regulations that effect tattoos below.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services including laser tattoo removals but also inflatables for facial wrinkles & folds (nasolabial, marionette lines), hyaluronic gel is used to add volume in such areas as lips, cheeks, etc. We also provide laser treatments for rejuvenation, tightening, tattoo removal, and brown spots. Micro-needling, ultrasound therapy, peels, and more.


Our Aesthetics Services Include The Following: Dysport – Lip Enhancement – Dermal Filler – Restylane/Juvederm –  PDO Thread facelift – Laser Genesis – And More!


A tattoo is indelible ink that is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment color, the ink is then trapped locally within the skin cells. 

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